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Project Description

This project aims to develop innovative, user-centric, and environmentally-conscious concepts and turn them into feasible, ready-to-launch, and manufacturable products. This is accomplished by combining product development principles and sustainable design to advance our knowledge of the product design process while creating and communicating our product for a tangible marketplace, Firefly.

Students have intentionally designed their products in hopes that users will rethink waste, spread climate change awareness, and inspire users to be more environmentally conscious. Support design education so that future students will have this same opportunity. 

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The Program in Environmental Design orients engagement to the creation of healthy and sustainable communities with attention to social justice and economic vitality.

The Environmental Product of Design (EPOD) major within the Environmental Design school creates design leaders prepared to take on challenges facing humanity and our environment(s) through the rigorous development of design solutions. Students implement a critical and hands-on design process that leverages design thinking, ethical consideration, and speculative design in conjunction with rapid prototyping, experimentation, fabrication techniques, and product development. EPOD majors graduate with creative confidence and diverse problem-solving skillset poised to make innovative solutions towards improving our human, natural, and built environments.  

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